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Lina Gómez's pieces are constantly shifting constellations between the visible and the invisible, between the human and non human. Playing with various scenic configurations and the individual presence of different bodies, Gómez speculates on the possibilities of connection based on difference. In this way, in her work, the transformative forces that surround us, pass through us, or emanate from us become tangible.

Gómez's approach to persistence, insistence, and repetition alters normative perceptions of time with the aim of opening up new worlds of imagination. Her choreographic language is characterized by the interweaving of diverse movement traditions from different cultural contexts and by strong research into the relationship between music and body.

The Colombian-born choreographer, dancer and teacher Lina Gómez, studied dance and theater in São Paulo and Berlin, where she currently lives and works. Her group piece "A Passo di Mulo" premiered at Tanzfabrik Berlin in 2018 and was restaged the following year. Her work "Restraint" has been presented at various venues in Europe and was part of the European dance platform "Aerowaves Twenty19". Most recently, the development of her group piece "Träumerei des Verschwindens" (2022) and the highly acclaimed premiere of her latest work "Vagarosas" (2023) could be seen in front of a large audience at Radialsystem Berlin. As a dancer and performer, Lina Gómez has worked with Tino Sehgal, Yoshiko Chuma, Edson Fernandes, and Jorge Garcia, among others. Furthermore, since 2015, the Goethe-Institut has supported her research residencies in Uruguay, India, Chile, Turkey and Japan.

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